1921 Ner A Car 221CC

Inventory Number: 5077


1921-1925 Produced in Syracuse, New York and Sheffield, England.

Financed by razor maker King C. Gillette. Advertised as "300 miles for a dollar" and "85 to 100 miles per gallon".

Built in Syracuse, New York, and Sheffield, England, from 1921-1925.

Advertised as “300 miles for a dollar” and “85 to 100 miles per gallon”. The design was fascinating, as it featured hub-center steering. The step-through design and bodywork kept riders clean, allowing them to wear ordinary clothes on their way to work or local shops. Production started in 1921, and the Model “A” had a 221cc 2-stroke engine that produced 2.5 HP.

In the fall of 1922, Erwin “Cannonball” Baker rode a Ner-A-Car from New York City to Los Angeles -it took him just over 174 hours. Production of the Neracar in the U.S. ended in 1927.

Varying sources online suggest that, of the 16,500 Ner-A-Cars ever built, only about 100 remain.
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